Our Mission Is To Take Care Of You In A Big Way. Pursuant To That,
Gentlemen & Ladies Are Kindly Asked To Observe.

Jolity And Merriment Are Welcome. Horseplay And Jackassery Are Not.

Act Chivalrously. Speak Scincerely. Make Eye Contact.
Smile. Say Thank You.

Impress Us Not With Who You Know Or What You Do,
But Rather How You Be.

Skullduggery Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated.

Be Responsible For Your Guests.
One’s Behaviour Reflects One’s Company.

Without Exception, Depart Swiftly And Silently, Granting Our Neighbors
The Same Respect You’d Expect. You Get What You Give.

Any Or All Of The Above Rules May Be Changed Or Rescinded By The
Big Committee, Subject To The Approval Of The Board Of Directors, At Any Time.
So Don’t Fuck With Us